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Understand Spousal Support
When you begin divorce proceedings, you might be wondering how it will impact your financial future. Was your spouse the primary provider? Did you depend on him or her for necessities? If so, the uncertainty of a separation can become a major source of stress. That’s why advocating for alimony is such an important part of proceedings. Hertz & Kearns represents clients in Gainesville who are seeking spousal support payments, or alimony, from their former spouse. Though this is a complex issue, spousal maintenance is necessary in many cases to let individuals continue supporting themselves and their families.

Calculating and Modifying Alimony Payments

You might be wondering how support payments are calculated. Though there are a number of criteria that factor into the figure, the following are typically taken into consideration:
  • The marriage’s established standard of living
  • Income available to either party
  • Financial contribution each party made
  • Time necessary for training or education before employment may be found
  • Financial resources and liabilities of each party
  • Age, emotional and physical condition of each party
  • The marriage’s duration
Each of these factors is an important aspect of the calculation, but an attorney can help you fight for fair terms.

Legal Advocacy for Clients in Gainesville and surrounding areas

Spousal support is an important aspect of divorce proceedings, and it can be tricky to navigate without help from a lawyer. If you are wondering how to secure alimony, Hertz & Kearns can represent you and provide legal guidance throughout the process. We also provide assistance with child support modifications and other issues relating to family law. Clients in Gainesville and surrounding areas are welcome to reach out to us for help. To arrange a consultation or learn more about the legal services we provide, please call us at 352-378-2268.