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Do I Have a Case?

Lawyer Helping Gainesville Parents With Child Custody Cases

When the well-being of your children is on the line, you would do anything to protect them and keep them safe. All too often, the stakes are high when you are looking for a child custody attorney. Hiring a child custody lawyer can make the process more simple and less stressful for all parties involved. Hertz & Kearns can help you better understand child custody laws in Gainesville and advocate for the rights of your family. Whether you are dealing with modifications or another dispute, we are here to help.

Dispute Issues and Modification Resolutions

A child support attorney can help you settle financial arrangements for your children. If these are in question, hiring a child support lawyer to calculate and obtain an agreement may be the best solution. We can enter mediation and fight for support as well as a joint legal or physical custody agreement. When you are fighting for your terms, having a lawyer on your side can help enforce necessary standards and protect your interests. We will defend your rights and the rights of your children, too.

Advocating for You and Your Children in Gainesville and surrounding areas

Divorce is a complicated and stressful process that can threaten to tear your family apart. If you have children, you may be worried about securing a favorable custody agreement and ensuring you receive the support you need. Hiring a child custody lawyer could help you get the alimony and custody arrangements that you want, and may simplify the entire process. Hertz & Kearns offers clients in Gainesville and surrounding areas passionate representation throughout every step of the divorce and custody process. If you would like to arrange a consultation, reach out to us at 352-378-2268.